Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jake's 2-year Check-up - August 7th

Jake is 2 now! Really can't believe we've had this cute, amazing boy in our lives for that long. We love him to pieces and couldn't imagine life without him! He only had to have one shot this time, YAY! Those are pretty traumatic for him and Mommy. He did well though. He is so friendly and is always saying "hi" to everyone he comes in contact with. He is a BIG boy! He weighed in at 30 lbs 5 oz (75th percentile). He is 37.5 inches tall (98th percentile). And his head circumference has dropped to the 99th percentile - measuring 20.6 inches. His current favorites: * Cars, Trucks & Airplanes - he will play with them all day long! * Watermelon * Thomas & Friends - He calls it "ChooChoo" * Balls - Loves to throw and play catch * Being outside - He'd stay outside all day if we'd let him * Mama & Dada - Love hearing him call for me using my name His vocabulary: * Car - "Ca" * Truck - "Tuck" * Airplane - "Eh Ane" * Train - "ChooChoo" * Doggies - "Gaga" * Hi - "Hi" * Bye Bye - "Bye Bye" * Mama - "Mama" * Dada - "Dada" * Aunt Jenn - "Jenn" * Milk - "Baba" * Here We Go - "Here we go (without the "r" sound in here)" * Outside - "Outside" * Baby - "Baby" * Lots and lots of gibberish - His cousins think he speaks Japanese :)

Oh Crud....

Has it really been almost 3 months since I've blogged....I'm SO behind on everything right now! Crazy how life can just take over sometimes and you can get so busy with various responsibilities! Not that I'm complaining, because we've managed to have some really fun times in the past few months. I need to get a few things down so I don't forget about them. So here goes an evening full of blogging!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Beautiful Nieces

Aren't my sister's kids gorgeous?!  I LOVE them beyond words.  They are each so different and I enjoy living so close to be able to be a part of their lives on almost an everyday basis. 

Zoey ----- Layney ----- Harley

Easter 2013

Easter always brings sweet memories for me.  I LOVED Easter as a kid.  We used to go to my Great Grandma's in West Layton to participate in a huge candy hunt with all of my Grandma's siblings, kids and grandkids.  Five years ago it brought with it new memories - since that is the day Steve asked me to be his wife!  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I love Easter for many reasons - but I can't help but feel very grateful for a Savior that made it possible for me to enjoy so many wonderful things in this life.  We had fun this year, as always.  We woke up to a few surprises from the Easter bunny, then headed to church, followed by dinner and an easter egg hunt at my Grandma's.  Fun day...and might I mention, gorgeous weather (for a March Easter in Utah, that is saying something!)

March 14th - Harley Jean

We welcomed another member to our extended family in March.  Baby Harley was born on March 14th @ approximately 5pm.  I had the most amazing experience of being able to be there in the room when she was born.  It was so neat to watch and experience that miracle....and it truly is a miracle!  With the inability to have children of my own, and not being able to be present for the birth of Jake, my sister thought I would like to experience that process, that miracle.  I am grateful beyond belief for allowing me to share in that special moment with her and her husband.  Harley is Jenn's 3rd girl and I love her as much as I love the other 2!  She is sweet, very mild tempered, and is starting to have the cutest smile and coo.  Grateful for my family - every one of them! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Recap...

Here we are with another month that has come and gone.  I really can't believe how fast time passes.  It's kind of sad in a lot of ways - where Jake is concerned, I just wish it would slow down a bit.  This month has been super busy for me, but I've enjoyed so much of it too!  Here is a synopsis of all we did this month:

  • We started out the month by celebrating my niece's, the lovely Miss Zoey, 8th birthday!  Seriously can't believe this girl is already 8!  I love her to pieces and can't imagine not being a part of her life.  It is so wonderful to live so close to my sister and be an active (although less active now that we have our own kid) part of her and her girls' lives!  I love them so much and can't wait for #3 to arrive!  Jenn & Ben planned a fun "kid" party for her the Saturday before her birthday.  Jake and I dropped in after Jake woke up from his nap.  They had a clown do most of the show and Zoey LOVED it!  It was fun to see the kid's excitement.  Then on her actual birthday, February 4th, I got to go to dinner with her to Tepanyaki...yum!  Steve was not feeling well that night and Jake was a holy terror, so unfortunately I snuck out just as soon as I snarfed down my food.  She has made the decision to be baptized and that will take place the same weekend as the Spencer girl #3 baby blessing in April.

  • Our sweet and devoted dog Macey turned 4 on February 6th. She is just one of my kids at this point. I love her and even though it is harder taking care of our dogs now that we have a kid (and a husband), I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is our first baby girl and will always be a special part of my life.
  • We attended the baptism of our cute nephew (actually great-nephew, but who's counting...)! Maxwell is a fun, kind and talented boy. We enjoy being a part of his life and watching him learn and grow into a sweet boy. His parents, Emily & Ryan, are wonderful! I am so happy to be a part of their family by marrying Steve.

  • Of course, we had to celebrate Valentine's Day this month! Steve surprised me (total surprise) with flowers and chocolates delivered to my work. I'm grateful for him remembering me and spoiling me. It was a lovely bouquet of tulips and iris' in the most adorable vase ever! I really enjoyed them as they started to bloom over the next couple of days. We invited my mom over that evening for dinner. Steve got held up at work that night and didn't get home until about 7pm so I did all the cooking - and I must say it was pretty stinking good!

  • The week after Valentine's we headed to St. George, Utah, for the entire week! It was awesome! Steve had a work conference and so I took a much needed vacation from work, we found a sitter for our dogs, we packed up for an army (it's amazing everything you have to take when you have a kid!), and headed out. We had so much fun...even though it wasn't warm the entire week - we did get about 3 good days out of it! I enjoyed every day I got to spend with Jake just being mom. We went to the park, went on walks, went swimming, walked around the mall (a lot!)...seriously though, I didn't spend a ton of money, I just needed to get my exercise in while I was gone so I became a mall walker that week ;) Jake LOVED the swings! He didn't want me to take him out even though I had pushed him for well over a half-hour. Needless to say, I cannot wait until Spring as he is going to be so much fun this year! We returned to SLC just in time for another huge snow storm, yuck! Did I mention I'm ready for Spring?!

  • I dropped in for the wedding reception of a wonderful friend the evening I returned from St. George. Steve really hates things like that (he barely let me have my own) I took Jake with me for a date. I love my boy - he is always so darn cute! Here are a few pics of him being cute. He loves to be tickled and laughs hysterically whenever we do it to him!

  • Young Women's has been fun this month. It has been busy, but fun! Our main activity this month was New Beginnings. It was a wonderful evening - if I remember, counting the new beehives that are coming in this year I think we had 10 there that night...which is really good! Since our ward split last month, our youth numbers have dropped significantly. It is a small group, but a really good group of girls that I am having a blast being a part of! All the planning and preparation paid off as it turned out wonderful. Our theme for the year is "Stand Ye In Holy Places" and we used a shoe theme for the night. Becky made the most amazing cupcake shoes ever! They turned out SO CUTE!

  • I'm still doing WW and really making some good changes! It is hard and continues to be a constant struggle (don't know why I thought it wouldn't since I've dealt with it my whole life)....but it's been fantastic having friends do it with me as we can keep each other motivated. I'm now down 13.4 lbs for the year...not as much lost in February as January, but I'm hoping to pick it up this month! I saw this on FB today and think I will try to remember this advice!

  • I think that is about it so I'll quit for now :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jake and Lola BFFs

Jake and Lola continue to be BFFs!  He stood there and just laughed at her forever.  I finally took a video - his laugh is so contagious!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Jake has been loving the "itsy bitsy spider" lately.  Here's a short video of him "singing".

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jake is 18-months old!

We visited our favorite "Winter" spot for pictures - FotoFly!  They did a great job with Jake's 6-month-old pics last year, and once again, I wasn't disappointed with his 18-month-old pics :)  Here are a few of my favorites!